Since 1993, Shortridge-Ramey Funeral Home has provided service to the families of Buchanan County and surrounding areas.


The business is operated by co-owners Douglas Shortridge and Dennis Ramey, according to Shortridge, who noted it all started when he approached Ramey in 1993 with the idea of building a modern funeral home with easy access, plenty of parking and a home-like atmosphere.


After some discussion, they agreed to build the funeral home which is now located west of Grundy. The area's largest chapel, family sitting rooms, a comfortable lobby area and a kitchen in which refreshments for the family can be made available provide bereaved families and friends with a home-like atmosphere in which to share their grief and to remember the deceased. Once a year, at Christmas, the funeral home sponsors a candlelight memorial service for families to remember with them and the community those who have died in the past year. The funeral home is a full service funeral home, providing funerals; pre-need planning, including life insurance to help families with final expenses; and monument sales.

In 2010 Shortridge and Ramey decided they wanted to expand their buisness to help as many families in the community as possible. They purchased the former Buchanan County Funeral Home in Keen Mountian, VA which became the second location of Shortridge-Ramey Funeral Homes and is now known as Shortridge-Ramey Funeral Home of Keen Mountain. They completed some renovations many which were undertaken by Shortridge himself, which includes, modern furnishing, multiple chapels, kitchen, and large greeting space that allows for the berevaed family to recieve friends and family to help them in their time of grief.


"Shortridge-Ramey specializes in personalization of funerals," Douglas Shortridge said. "Not all individuals are the same, nor should their funerals be the same. We encourage family members to bring personal items, such as a favorite handmade quilt, pictures, medals, a hat or even a fishing rod to be displayed on a memory table. Not only does this help provide memories, it helps the family to be involved in the planning.


Douglas Shortridge has over 40 years of funeral service experience. He received his degree in mortuary science in 1988 from Gupton-Jones College of Mortuary Science in Atlanta, GA., and serves as funeral director and is an embalmer, licensed in Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. He is also a life insurance agent offering burial insurance and pre-need arrangments. Shortridge has one son Lucas, grandaughter Ava Maire, and canine companion Fritz. He resides in the town of Grundy, VA where he is a lifetime member and elder of Tookland Pentecostal Church. He is very active and involved in the community service. He is a member of the Grundy Masonic Lodge. He is a financial supporter of many charity organizations.


"I have always known what I wanted to do in my life, helping people when they need it most," Douglas said.


Dennis Ramey, in addition to his involvement in Shortridge-Ramey Funeral Home, has also been in the mining business. He is a former coal operator and owner of several other businesses. He is the franchise holder for the Vansant Subway, which opened in 1997. Dennis serves on the Board of Directors at Legacy Bank and currently holds the postion as Grundy's town manager. He is married to Carol and they have two children, Joe Gary and Devan and two grandchildren. Carol is manager of their Subway restaurant. He and Carol attend Tookland Pentecostal Church.


Douglas noted the business has been successful since the time it has opened because of a caring dedicated staff treating every family they serve as though they are their own.


"Our staff has been the key to the growth of the business," Douglas concluded.

Shortridge-Ramey Funeral Homes

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